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Multi Ethnic Girls


You’re the type of person who always gives to others, but has abandoned yourself in the process. 

Your real desires and maybe even your self-worth is in the dirt, leaving you feeling desperate and lost. 

Anyone who asks something of you gets the best of who you are. 

And trying to make everyone else happy... Well, where has that left you? 

Tired, fed up, and frustrated. Never feeling good enough and always yearning for more.

I know what it’s like to live for someone or something else. 

I'm Laurel Askue, and for decades my sense of identity was wrapped up in cool jobs, finding the perfect partner and a bunch of stuff that left me empty. 

Sure, the career seemed impressive from the outside but was unfulfilling. 
Yes, the knight in shining armor idea was great. But the reality never lived up to the fantasy.

The truth is we will never find satisfaction outside of ourselves. It’s an endless battle that can never be won. No fancy job title, ideal partner, trim body, trendy outfit, or new pair of shoes will give you the feeling of contentment and joy that comes from within. 

Things aren’t the solution. 

The shine always wears off, and then we are left still miserable. 

Jobs and spouses and fancy new cars don't satiate the craving for long. 

So here's an alternative...

I'm inviting you to your own homecoming. An emerging into a fuller version of you that is attainable and will fill you up, rather than leaving you starved and thirsty for more. 

The eternal you knows what you need, and is committed to having those needs met, rather than waiting (or hoping) for them to be fulfilled elsewhere. 

This unlimited version of you doesn’t apologize for being who you are and stands tall in greatness. 

I can help you find yourself again, or for the first time.

It's time to let go of resistance and choose to reconnect with your authentic self. It's time to live for YOU, rather than other people or things.
It's time to open yourself to a life-changing experience.

All it takes is a little courage and taking the first step.

After spending time with me, you’ll have more space to embody the new you of your choosing. 

Together, we excavate past hurts, wounds, and negative beliefs. I share tools that empower you to transcend obstacles and gently guide you toward your next level of personal potential. 

You’ll move into a higher expression of the person you gave up on long ago. You’ll let go of who you think you “should be” to discover an incredible being who lights you up and makes you feel wonderful. 

Instead of fighting ongoing internal battles, you’ll learn how to make friends with yourself. You’ll fall in love with who you are, making yourself the #1 priority in your life.

Ready to begin the journey toward claiming a glorious and immaculate you?

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