Phoenix & Freedom Fighter

Are you ready to fall deeply in love with yourself?

Are you ready to claim your passion and purpose?

Are you ready to upgrade and live a deeply satisfying life?

You want to feel good enough, happier, loved, deserving, satisfied.

The problem is what you think will give you those feelings never will.

We’ve been led to believe that when we get that perfect partner, land the perfect job, or have a perfect life then we will live happily ever after.

Stop seeking someone or something else to make you feel whole and complete. You are looking in the wrong place.

My message to you: Stop looking out there. Everything you seek is already within you.

Here's what I know for sure: You first need to become the person you wish to attract.

I’m here to free you from the ghosts of past hurts that cause you to tell yourself things like...

"If I just say the right thing..."

"If I just do the right thing..."

"If I just become the right thing..."

THEN I will get “it”.

No one showed you how to use your mind for good (instead of trying to contort yourself into a pretzel to please others.) No one showed you how to choose elevated thoughts that light you up and bring good things into your life.

And I know this because I had my own journey to figure it out.

Patterns of co-dependency and low self-worth hooked me early. 

At twelve years old, this overachieving "good girl" responded to divorce, alcoholism, and mental illness in my family by rebelling and numbing myself with alcohol, drugs, and bad boys. Intimate moments of flesh provided a fleeting balm to distract me from the pain of abandonment and never feeling good enough.

The pressure to get into a good college (that I would need to fund myself) led to insomnia, anxiety, and burnout. Stress and childhood trauma eventually resulted in me having a mental breakdown and needing to take freshman year off. My whole reason for living crumbled from beneath me. My sense of identity was gone. I was an empty shell and didn’t know who I was anymore. But I still had a dream and wasn’t going to let anyone take it away from me.

Somehow, I made it through college and at 25-years old was entrusted to manage a program designed to create the profession of zoo education in China. I didn’t have a background in zoology or education. I also don’t speak Mandarin. I faked it until I made it and we were awarded a top national honor. This was my moment to climb the professional ladder, but I felt like an outsider.

This world wasn’t mine. My soul craved to do something that mattered to ME.

I was exchanging precious hours of my life to fulfill someone else’s dream.

It was killing me on the inside and I longed for more.

I resigned from my salaried position of ten years and left close-knit friends to live on a mountain with a man I barely knew. It seemed crazy, but it was time for a change. My world had become stagnant, boring, and predictable. I needed something different. I wanted to taste freedom.

But there would be no Hollywood ending. The charming mountain man was an energy vampire. I had no awareness of what a narcissist was when he put a spell on me.

The love-bombing quickly turned into volatility, rage, and bitter jealousy. I walked on eggshells trying to pacify the boyfriend. I remember when I stopped feeling beautiful. I didn't recognize myself in the mirror. My light was dimming, and I wanted to die.

With the help of a friend, I escaped with a suitcase of clothes. My departure was unannounced, unplanned, and absolutely necessary. Leaving my possessions behind was a small price to pay for my life.

This was the catalyzing moment when I knew I was done living for anyone else.

I found refuge at a wellness retreat center in the deep woods. I embodied the expression, “chop wood, carry water.” I learned to be humble. This sanctuary was what I needed to rebuild myself once again.

My parents’ broken marriage led to my own string of unhealthy relationships including a damaged relationship with myself. Through the process of becoming a PAX Certified Partner in Extreme Freedom, I learned that no one else can make you feel whole or complete. Salvation only comes from within.

Through this program, I mastered offering proven healing tools and insights that provide freedom from injury, shame, and disempowering beliefs. Best of all, I finally found wholeness within. It has been a long hard journey to get here.

Let me save you time, heartache and heartbreak.

If you are willing, I can support you to be happy, cultivate satisfying relationships, and manifest YOUR dream. By working with me, you will find freedom through self-forgiveness, personal responsibility and effortless letting go. We will eliminate barriers causing you to feel unworthy, anxious, and powerless.

The result is you being you and feeling incredible - maybe for the first time.