Reaching Out to the Sun



PAX Certified Partner in Extreme Freedom



Your Partner in Healing & Living Free

Tired of feeling stuck? If you aren't able to do what you want to do, or feel paralyzed by past hurts and are ready to change, then let's join forces to transform what is, into what you desire it to be. With me as your partner in healing, you'll gain understanding and practical techniques to turn your dreams into your reality. 

As a PAX Certified Partner in Extreme Freedom and facilitator of The Sedona Method, I provide a safe space that honors wherever you are right now. ​Working together, we'll use proven tools to release old patterns limiting you from living fully in the present. I offer restoration callscoaching packages, a Monthly Meetup, and PAX resources to support your individual needs in creating a life of freedom and joy.


I now have the freedom to walk through life from a place of peace and joy.

Jennifer, Tennessee


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