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PAX Certified Partner in Extreme Freedom



Simple & Effective

Need help in achieving your goals? Is your outlook getting in the way of living the life you most want to live? Through the process of being willing to acknowledge and release negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and past wounds, we will work together to free up space to actualize your desires. Anything is possible. The only person holding you back from living your best life is YOU.

I provide coaching services that help liberate you by giving you the tools, insights, and support necessary for your success. In addition to 1-on-1 and group coaching, I offer workshops and healing circles for people who are interested in learning more about claiming a freer and more choice-driven life.



Illuminate & Empower

Participate in effortless Sedona Method releasing techniques to first welcome and then gracefully let go of anything no longer serving you. There's no need to relive the details to free yourself from physical pains, debilitating emotions or limiting beliefs.


Heal & Renew

Receive the Extreme Freedom healing tools to effortlessly release limitations and restore your honor and free yourself from negative thoughts, past hurts, debilitating emotions or physical pains. You will become more empowered to make new choices when responding to life events.


Transform & Grow

Feeling stuck? Want to create space to live more freely? Need accountability to manifest a life you love? I'll provide you with a custom coaching plan to guide you towards achieving the results you desire. The Extreme Freedom Restoration tools will be utilized to remove personal limitations during our weekly support calls.

I now have the freedom to walk through life from a place of peace and joy.
Life didn’t get easier, but living it did!

Jennifer D., Tennessee